Yoga Vest-vest dames-Grijs

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Universal Vest grijs

Dit vest is op 2 manieren te dragen.

1. Lang vest

2. Draai het vest 90 graden en je hebt een kort vest met een sjaal kraag of capuchon.

Kleur: Grijs

Maat: One Size


Universal vest

We designed this universal vest so that it can be worn as different styles and in various ways. When you want a short vest, you can wear it in the basic mode and have a nice warm collar to cover your neck. The collar can even be used as a hoodie or a big scarf which will cover your shoulders and back.

On the days when you want a long vest, you can use the universal vest upside down and then a wonderful new item is created. The long length provides desirable bum coverage when you are wearing tights.

Some mornings when we are heading straight from the gym or studio, we toss in this easy, drapey, versatile vest, and we are ready to go!

Fabric + feature

90% Viscose + 10% spandex, blended for maximum softness

Super soft

It has built-in stretch that moves with you

Waer it open, or loop it around your neck – the possibilities are nearly endless

I’m delicate! Be gentle with me

Oversized fit for easy layering

Fit + Function

Designed for: to-and-from

Fabric(s): 90% Viscose + 10% spandex

Fit: loose




Type sportYoga
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